New books came in the mail today!!

New books came in the mail today!!

Busy Bee & Petition to Sign

I feel terrible, things at work have gotten so busy that I have not had time to post! Also, after being engaged for 3.5 years my fiance and I set a wedding date and are planning the celebration!

With that, I have much to get caught up on:  IASSW conference, hospitalization of students, termination of a student, and so on!

One thing cannot wait! Check out this petition for an alternative assessment for obtaining for LSW or LCSW. Great social workers who are not avid test takers fail the test every year, now a petition has been started for an alternative assessment. Check it out and sign! :)

More posts coming soon!

Professional Development

We are officially 1/2 way through the first quarter at my school and things are going good. I have had great weeks and others have been hellish! I started my LCSW supervision and have gotten a TON of feedback and great advice.

When I find a free moment I am using it to research and look up different things to help my students or to use in session. Motivational interviewing is something new to me but would be super helpful for a few of my students. I have printed out a few documents and need to sift through them. 

In the world of Professional Development I am SUPER excited to register for the Illinois Association of School Social Workers Conference! My school has agreed to pay for all 3 days (what?)! There are so many amazing sessions it was difficult to pick and rank which ones. Check out the website and pricing and see if you (or your school) can afford to go, even if it is just for a day! 


So, I recently started meditating as part of my self-care. (I have a track record of not always keeping up with my self-care.) 

What are some ways that all of you practice self-care? 

I set time aside to listen to music I enjoy. When I am super stressed during the day or even at night I throw a Relaxation station on Pandora! Works like a charm!

Meditation is something I have been interested in starting…maybe I need to jump on it!





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Hey all—thanks for reaching out—I updated the link to my TPT account!! :)

I have searched and searched for printable “Jenga” questions to use in social work sessions and found none! I found lists of questions but none that I could print onto file labels and stick onto my “Jumbling Towers” game.

I went ahead and typed up questions and printed them on color coded labels depending on the category (social skills, self-esteem, coping skills, anger, getting to know you etc.)

Updated link to my TPT site!!! 


-Green:  Getting to Know You, Ice Breakers       

-Blue:     Social Skills

-Yellow:  Self-Esteem/Feelings

-Red:      Coping Skills/Anger

Want one but not the others? I have additional postings for each individual categories!

New posters for the office!

Perfect message after a challenging day!

Perfect message after a challenging day!